Mr. Domico switches job positions


Mr. Domico

Rylee C. Ogden, Staff Writer

Mr. Domico, former Chemistry and Physical Science teacher, has recently switched job positions. He has been teaching at the Clearfield Area School District for 27 years. He is now the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. Other positions he has held in the school district have been: Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Wrestling Coach, Assistant Track & Field Coach, and Senior Class Advisor.

Being the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment entails choosing each curriculum used in each subject and grade, getting materials to implement the curriculum chosen, arranging training, organizing and administering tests, and analyzing data on assessments.

Mr. Domico has already made the switch, Mr. Toney is now covering his classes, however, his permanent teacher replacement, Mrs. Ann Rowles, will be starting in February. Mr. Domico loved teaching in the classroom, however, he made the switch so he could better use his training and make a more direct impact on classrooms, he expressed.

He explained that he is most excited for, “the opportunity to work with teachers on big-picture decisions to help our students succeed.” While expressing that he is least excited about the purchasing of materials and paperwork. With this change, his day-to-day will change too. He explained, “My schedule will be more of my own rather than dependent on bells. I will not have to wait for certain times to go to the bathroom!”

Mr. Domico wanted to leave our readers with a lasting thought. He stated, “There is a lot that the community puts into your education. You matter enough to this community that they have invested millions of dollars in you. You are special to them, and it is worthwhile to appreciate and take advantage of that support.”