Environmental Club project progresses


Environmental Club 2021-2022

Rylee C. Ogden, Staff Writer

The Environmental Club is planning to test the water down at Montgomery Run Stream in Hyde for the first time on February 14th. From there they will visit the stream on March 14th and April 4th.  The stream being tested is a tributary going into the stream.

The club members will gain a better understanding of waterway clean-ups while gathering data for the Conservation District Study. Mr. Duttry, the club advisor, adds, “They will get to learn to use sophisticated testing equipment and see firsthand efforts to clean up waterways affected by mining.” There are many different factors involved in this project, however, the acidity and contaminate levels of the water are the main aspects being tested.

With help from Mr. Domico, who has worked with the Conservation District in the past. The right data will help clean up the stream. Passing on the data to the Conservation District could mean promising things for the Montgomery Run Stream.

Along with this exciting project the Environmental Club is interested in future projects including tree planting and school recycling resources. Club members want to partner up with the Conservation District to plant trees along waterways to help prevent erosion along with keeping the run-off streams cleaned. School recycling resources would entail spreading knowledge about recycling and environmental improvement while adding recycling bins.

Mr. Duttry wanted to leave readers with a lasting notion, “There are many ways that each person can have a positive effect on our environment. I am glad that the members of this club are exploring some of those ways, especially pertaining to students.”