Drawing and Painting is a class you should take, and here’s why


Elle Smith, Staff Writer

If you’re an artistic student with talent and creativity, or if you’re a beginner artist who wants to try something new, Drawing and Painting is the perfect class for you! In the words of Mrs. Adams, the teacher, “The purpose of Drawing and Painting is to teach students how to create complex and elaborate works of art.” While Drawing and Painting is best suited for upperclassmen and experienced artists, this class is open for anyone grades 9-12 who wish to be more ambitious with their creativity. Daulton Luzier, a senior in Drawing and Painting says, “I enjoy Drawing and Painting because I am able to explore my creative side.”

When considering this semester class, it would be beneficial for students to take Basic Art as a prerequisite—although this is not required—for Basic Art does a good job of teaching students the fundamentals of art before they can move on to more advanced projects. Junior Riley Ryen claims, “…it is a relaxing class, and Mrs. Adams gives us lots of time to complete our work.”

Besides being versatile, another benefit of Drawing and Painting is that it can be dual-enrolled. “In many college gen. ed. intro level art class, students learn time periods and memorize artist’s names and dates,” explains Mrs. Adams, “In Drawing and Painting, we produce hands-on work… it is also MUCH cheaper to gain your art credits through dual enrollment in high school rather than paying full tuition for them at a university.”

As you can see, there are multiple benefits to taking and dual-enrolling Drawing and Painting, including the fact that you will have a teacher that genuinely has a passion for her class. “Drawing and Painting is probably my favorite class,” says Mrs. Adams, “I love to see the amazing amount of talent we have at our school!”