Senior paper not that bad after all


Mrs. Warlow

Elle Smith, Staff Writer

As many students know, the senior paper is an important part of anyone’s senior year. According to Mrs. Warlow, the senior English teacher, “The senior paper is a research paper of the student’s choosing; it usually focuses on a controversial issue or an invention/discovery that has had a positive influence in society.” Students are required to create a PowerPoint or Prezi to give their presentation, and they must write an essay as well.

“Besides learning more about the topic and research skills,” she says, “it also encourages students to use their class time wisely and learn time management.” These are essential skills that students must be able to use in college settings and as adults as well.

Many students in earlier grades may be stressing about this project, when in fact, it’s not so bad. Luke Sidorick, a senior writing about affects of video games on the adolescent mind, advises younger classes to start thinking about a topic early, so that you have time to plan your project. Elizabeth Ryan, who is writing about Penn Station in New York, says, “We have been given more than enough class time to complete the paper.” As you can see, the senior paper is not as scary as it seems. In fact, Mrs. Warlow explains, “The senior paper is not as bad as it sounds. Every year, I have students who dread it and by the end I get the same comments, ‘That wasn’t that bad!’”