Coach Danver predicts good things for this year’s softball team


The Lady Bison pose with their district title.

Abby Ryan , Staff Writer

The Lady Bison softball team takes on Philipsburg-Osceola March 29 to kick-start their season.

Although the first official practice was March 7, many  players attended off season workouts a couple days a week since December, said Coach Danver. These pre-season workouts got them ready for the busy season they have ahead.

Last year, the Lady Bison went 15-6, which is an impressive record. Emma Hipps, the record holder for single season strikeouts, career strikeouts, and homerun single season record, says that since the team has won districts for the past two years,  she expects to win it again. Emma explains that she expects them to have a very good season and hopefully make it to states.

Coach Danver explains: “I expect to build off of the success we have had the past few seasons. We have nearly our whole team from last year coming back, and we had a great year last year.  My girls are talented and motivated to succeed, so I am excited to see what they can do this year.”

Coach Danver expresses that he has a good idea of what the group of players are working towards. He knows they have a good group of players that can compete with any team.