The Challenge Program provides opportunity


Mitchell Rowles, Staff writer

The Challenge Program is a program trying to motivate high school students to develop the habits required to succeed in school and in their careers by building business/education partnerships. They believe that every student has the opportunity for financial security through rewarding careers. The local program sponsor is Penn Highlands Health Care.

Barbara A. Grandinetti, president of Challenge, is striving to open doors to fundraising opportunities and develop lasting relationships with business partners, foundations and individual donors all with a single mindedness to spread the word about the program, according to The Challenge website. She believes that she has a unique ability to discover and tap into people’s special talents needed to grow and expand the program. She is very passionate about the program indefinitely.

Founder of the company, Daniel T. Perkins, served as a commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps. Mr. Perkins was Manager of Staffing with Booz Allen & Hamilton, Inc. for thirteen years. He was responsible for the strategy development and coordination of efforts to hire staff to satisfy employment openings in the technology arena.

The Challenge Program gives an equal opportunity for all students to obtain a $200 check. TCP awards 5 Juniors, Seniors, and Sophomores at all schools within the program. Juniors and Sophomores have until the end of the year to be awarded with their check. However, Seniors have until the end of the third marking period to challenge themselves in any category and earn their cash.

In the end, the Challenge overall has aided plenty of students in earning money and improving their lives as a whole through creating more opportunities for students. For more information about the program, visit your guidance counselor.