FBLA and Bocce Team advocate for inclusion


Inclusion Poster

Rylee C. Ogden, Staff Writer

This year the Future Business Leaders of America Club looks a little different. The club is now combined with the CHS Bocce team. Just last month they joined together for an inclusion banner on which students signed their names for the promise of participating in inclusion.

As explained by Mrs. Hoover, Bocce Head Coach and FBLA advisor, “The banner supports the inclusion of everyone so that no one is excluded or discriminated against.

Spread the Word is a grassroots action to inspire ALL people to be a Champion of Change throughout their communities both locally and globally throughout the year and to create positive change in our communities. You can visit https://specialolympicspa.org/ for more Inclusion information and to see some videos about the Polar Pop.”

 The banner was placed in the cafeteria near where the students enter the meal line on March 21st. This allowed students in all three lunches to participate in signing the banner and entering to win Bison Pride bracelets, shirts, water bottles, candy bars, masks, and hand sanitizers.

Both FBLA and Bocce came together for this cause to advocate for inclusion. There are currently plans for FBLA to donate money to the Special Olympics of PA to promote inclusion. This will be all done through a Balloon Pop to raise money for the Spread the Word Campaign. 

Students can help support Bocce in several ways. They can attend games, make posters, talk to Bocce members, and join FBLA. Students can join by attending a meeting or talking to Mrs. Hoover or Mrs. Spila. 

Mrs. Hoover explained the purpose of FBLA, “Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA-PBL) inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences. FBLA is an organization (not just a club) with levels from the local high school to a Region, a State, and a national organization with even a college-level organization called Phi Beta Lambda (PBL). The purpose is to help students develop leadership qualities with honor and respect through supporting a state charity, attending leadership workshops, competing in over forty different categories from AgriBusiness to Digital Design to 3-D Animation to many other topics, More competitive events can be found at www.pafbla.org website under the topic of competitive events.”

 There are no major plans coming up for either organization and sport, however, both will see a transition with the retirement of Mrs. Hoover this year. Mrs. Spila will become the varsity Bocce coach and the assistant Bocce coach is still unknown. 

Mrs. Hoover wanted to leave readers with a lasting notion. She stated, “Everyone has been excluded at one time or another in their life, so we can empathize because we know what that feels like. Let’s all work on reaching out to others and make our school and community a better place to live.​”