Public Speaking students participate in Rotary Speech Contest


Students who participated in Rotary Speech Contest: Beth Struble, Peyton Reese, Sage Hoppe, Willow Green, Alaina Fedder, and Prudence Corrigan.

Carrie Fox , Staff Writer

Six Clearfield Public Speaking students competed this year at the Rotary Speech Contest held at Clearfield Lock Haven, March 23.

All Public Speaking students prepared for this contest by writing and delivering a speech that they presented to the class. They wrote, practiced, recorded and uploaded to stream. They then presented their speeches in front of the class before deciding  whether or not to enter the contest.

Students who participated in this year’s contest were Prudence Corrigan, who spoke about helping the homeless; Alaina Fedder, who spoke about the pink tax; Willow Green, who spoke about beauty standards; Sage Hoppe, who spoke about academic dishonesty; Peyton Reese, who spoke about sexism; and Beth Struble, who spoke about adoption.

The top three prize-winners received cash prizes for their outstanding speech delivery. Prudence Corrigan, the first-place winner of the contest, moved on to the Regional Contest on April 2.

Additional winners were Beth Struble and Sage Hoppe, who tied for third, and Willow Green, who placed second.

This contest is a long-standing academic tradition among junior students in public speaking, Mrs. Borden, who teaches public speaking, and the Clearfield Rotary Club. “Underclassman in honors courses have this opportunity to look forward to during their junior year. Those who have entered and competed have something many other students don’t have to add to their resume too. It really sets students apart and gives them a leg up in many ways not only by taking the course, but by gaining real world Public Speaking experience by entering the contest,” Mrs. Borden explains.