Mr. Yingling shares facts about new Creative Writing course


Mr. Yingling

Braylon Obleman, Staff Writer

Creative Writing II is a new elective coming next year to Clearfield High. The subject will be taught by Mr. Yingling and is a continuation of Creative Writing I. Mr. Yingling shared his knowledge of the new elective below: 

Q: What does Creative Writing II offer?

Mr. Yingling: “Creative Writing II will give students that are very passionate about writing an opportunity to spend more time on expanding new writing projects. Instead of being introduced to many types of creative writing, they will work for a longer duration on a few of the types they explored in Creative Writing I. We will also be doing a little more reading of some advanced literature that will help guide their writing style.” 

Q: How will Creative Writing II be similar to or different than Creative Writing I?

Mr. Yingling: “They will be similar in that we will be building on concepts we explored in Creative Writing I, and students will have a lot of freedom in what they do throughout the course. They will differ in that we will be working more with student’s understanding and advancement of their own writing style, and we will be reading and researching a little bit more.”

 Q: Why should students take this class?

Mr. Yingling: “I think students should take this because they will be exposed to reading, writing, and discussion that they may never have a chance to work with otherwise.”

Q: Who should consider taking this class based on pathways?

Mr. Yingling: “Good and creative writers can be found in any pathway. These classes are always very diverse, and many types of students find success.” 

Q: Why was Creative Writing II created?

Mr. Yingling: “Many students have asked to take Creative Writing I again even if they don’t receive credit, so developing a new course was a necessity.”

Q: What else should students know?

Mr. Yingling: “This class will require a lot of writing. Students should be prepared to take-on an extra writing project every few weeks on top of their regular course work.”