Journalism says hello to new teacher Mrs. Bryan


Mrs. Bryan to be new Journalism teacher.

Jaycee M. Wood, Staff Writer

The journalism class here at the Clearfield High School can be credited with providing all of the latest school news in The Stampede, but who is the head of the operation? Sophomore English and Literature teacher, Mrs. Moyer, has been teaching journalism as an elective for 10 years now. However, she is stepping down from that position and welcoming a teacher to step up, a teacher who is relatively new at the high school. English teacher Mrs. Sarah Bryan is going to be teaching journalism next school year, and some exciting new changes are anticipated.

Mrs. Bryan reads every edition of The Stampede, and she enjoys staying up to date on the events going on in the school. Mrs. Moyer will aid Mrs. Bryan in how to successfully use the software used in journalism, and Mrs. Bryan plans on taking a summer development course to prepare for teaching the class. In this story, you will find that Mrs. Bryan has a vision and a goal for the future of the school newspaper.

Current journalism teacher Mrs. Moyer decided it was time to pass the position onto someone else and give them the opportunity to help the students share with their community, and Mrs. Bryan happily filled her shoes. When asked why she took up the position, Mrs. Bryan responded, “I was excited when I was approached to take over the class because I have a background in journalism. Before I decided to enter teaching, I worked behind the scenes for a network of elementary schools in South Carolina. One of my main tasks in the position was to help recruit teachers. I decided to start a blog dedicated to ‘celebrating education’ and showing the work being done in the schools in hopes of drawing teachers to the mission. I acted as the primary writer and editor of the blog. Additionally, while I was a student at Virginia Tech, I wrote for a satirical college newspaper that poked fun at campus life. Eventually, I took over as editor in chief for the publication. I am looking forward to bringing those skills into the classroom and working with students who may be interested in pursuing a career in journalism or some form of media.”

Mrs. Bryan hopes to add her own new touch to the class next year. When asked how Journalism will look different from how it is now, she established, “Journalism students will continue to be responsible for the publication of The Stampede. However, students will also be responsible for the production of a weekly morning show. Additionally, I would like to integrate other media into the class. I’d like to see The Stampede expand onto social platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Social media is a huge part of our everyday lives and learning how to run and maintain a strong social media presence is a widely sought out skill nowadays. Journalism will also include a studio. Students who have previously taken the course and want to continue honing their journalism skills can sign up for studio. This group of students will work on special projects for The Stampede.” This addition not only is a huge change for the class, but it encourages more students with different skills to join the class as well.

This new addition calls for more learning on the student and the teacher’s side. Mrs. Bryan shares how her background in college has prepared her to teach this class when she notes, “As I mentioned above, I worked for a satirical newspaper at Virginia Tech. I also have a minor in Cinema, which will be beneficial for getting the newsroom up and running.” Mrs. Bryan’s educational background not only sets her up for success in directing a school newspaper, but also gave her the resources she needs to fulfill her goals of bringing video into the class and may have inspired her to do so.

Last messages were given by Mrs. Bryan in regards to what the students should reflect upon when taking the class or considering taking it. For instance, she expresses, “Students should take journalism if they love stories, first and foremost. The class also provides an opportunity for students to hone their communication skills. Strong communication skills will not only benefit students in college or the workforce but in their personal lives as well. I’d like students to see the class as an opportunity to create a certain kind of community in the school. By sharing and telling the stories of both peers and staff members, we are giving our school community a voice.”