Luke Pallo assembles all-new computer


Luke Pallo enjoying his new PC

Mitchell Rowles, Staff writer

Luke Pallo and his new computer is a very interesting sight to see. It took Pallo, a sophomore, around 3 months to gather the parts (including parts he already had), but it took him only one week to assemble the computer as a whole. Luke plans on using his computer for playing videogames and even possibly running an online marketing business.

Was it hard to understand how to assemble? Pallo says, “No, it was not hard to understand since I previously built a computer and the process nearly mirrors itself each time.” Luke believes that assembling a computer takes a lot of different components and a decent price range to be able to put together a true masterpiece of a PC. He found that Youtube videos are your best friend when trying to find out how to assemble one, as this is how he learned how to assemble them himself.

When Luke started assembling these PC’s he quickly found out that putting them together is as complex as you make it. Meaning, if you are actually interested in building one then setbacks should easily inspire you. What inspired him to make one was himself. He wanted to play videogames knowing that he built the computer and understood why and what parts completed the in-game actions. Prior to this new one, Luke built one computer and has included upgrades to this previous builds many times.