2022 wrestling season was one to remember


Clearfield Bison Wrestling State Qualifiers 2022

Mitchell Rowles, Staff writer

To wrap up the 2022 Wrestling season I got to catch up with some of Clearfield’s State qualifying wrestlers to see how their experience at States went. These matches were some to remember.

When asked, “What weak points can you work on?” Carter Chamberlain (189lb. 8th place State ranking) responded, “I believe I get in my head too much and doubt my ability. If I can stop that then I think I would be better.” Another stated, “staying focused in the practice room and listening to our coaching helps improve our weak spots on the mat.”

The boys believe that they strive by not waiting to get on the offensive portion of the match and not losing their focus and keeping their cool in the State matches. Carter stated, “I prepare for my matches by praying and listening to music. I feel my faith in God calms me down, and the music helps me get ready to go to battle for the entire 6 minutes.”

Most of the wrestlers like to prepare by keeping a clear mind and staying focused one match at a time. The feeling during the matches that the wrestlers get was described pretty similarly with one wrestler describing it by stating: “Once I begin my match I normally calm the whole way down and my nerves aren’t there anymore. I also get in a mindset that I’m not going to fail.”

After a match most wrestlers try to think back on what they did right/wrong and ways to improve upon it. Evan Davis (113lb, State qualifier) states, “After matches I feel gassed and the past few weeks these matches have been hard so I have to regain if I win or lose and get ready for the next one.”

One question that I’m sure that many people wonder is “how do they prepare for their matches?” 126lb State qualifying wrestler, Brady Collins, believes that talking to coaches before the match starts helped him to prepare for his matches mentally while also maintaining a calm mindset in his matches.

The final question I asked the boys was: “What is one word to describe your experience at States?” They described it in the three words:  insightful, bettering, and over-exciting to be apart of an amazing experience.