Lady Bison Softball team has a great start to season


The Lady Bison Softball team.

Abby Ryan , Staff Writer

The Lady Bison Softball team has played 11 games so far, making their record 10-1. Coach Danver explains that they had ten-game winning streak in the very beginning of the season, meaning they couldn’t have started much better. He also says he knew the softball team was extremely capable of that, with the talent that the team possesses. He is very pleased with how the team is playing and where they are at right now.

The softball team’s success has been a whole team effort, but there have been a couple milestones to help them achieve their successes. Emma Hipps reached her 500 career Strikeout and now sits at 601 total. She also is 5 wins away from breaking the school record. Emma Hipps tied the career school record for homeruns with 18. Lauren Ressler broke the school record for Doubles of 24; she now sits at 26. Olivia Bender currently has 6 HRs this year, and finally Ruby Singleton is currently leading the team in hitting with 21 hits and a .500 BA.

Coach Danver also elaborates on the improvements he has seen from the team as a whole so far. He explains that he has seen that their ability to win close games has advanced. Over the past few years, they have lost many one-run games. Although, this season they have been able to make a big play defensively or come up with a big hit to end up on top in those games. They have now won three games by one run.

Their hardest opponent is Bald Eagle; before this season they haven’t beat Bald Eagle in eleven years. Fortunately, this year the Lady Bison were able to sweep them, winning both games.

Coach Danver says he is excited about what the softball team can do, and that there is a super talented group to work with. He wants to see them end strong.  He is very pleased with how hard the team is working and everything they are accomplishing.