Boy’s tennis season winds down

The boy’s tennis returning letterman from 2021-2022 season. From left to right: Isakk Way, Ben Wriglesworth, Braylen Way, Will Brickley, and Ethan Evilsizor Source:

Jaycee M. Wood, Staff Writer

As the school year nears its end, so do spring sports. The boy’s Clearfield tennis team still has games to compete in, but so far they stand at 3-6. The team lost districts to Punxsutawney, but Coach Scott Way has high hopes that the boys will play well in the single’s districts and double’s districts. The team has yet to meet any goals they had set, but their season is not over yet.

The team fortunately had no major setbacks, however Coach Way emphasized that the biggest challenge for the team this season has been finding time to practice and hold matches because it has been raining so often, so they cannot use the wet courts. He noticed how this has affected all spring sports and is appreciative of how the team has continued to work hard despite this challenge.

Coach Way has a couple standout players who seemed to rise above and be crucial members of the team. First, he recognizes senior Isakk Way, noticing that Isakk works very hard and has always taken on the toughest matches. As his coach and his father, Coach Way is proud of the way Isakk handled himself as captain of the team. Another standout player recognized is sophomore Ethan Evilsizor playing in the number two spot, and the coach expresses that he is proud of Ethan, and that this athlete performs extremely well and works extremely hard. The coach appreciates all of his athletes, though these boys stuck out to him.

The standouts returning next year are sophomore Ethan Evilsizor, but also junior, Mason Marshall, who will be starting next season as the team’s number two. The current seniors who will be leaving the team include Isakk Way, Justin Fletcher, and Will Brickley.

For any student considering joining the tennis team, Coach Way states that he is always looking for new players and describes tennis as a “laid-back sport”. He says the team does hard work, but tennis is not as grueling as other sports. There is a good chance in lettering on the tennis team because all of the athletes get playing time. All in all, Coach Way encourages boys in grades 9-12 to join the tennis team if they are looking for a sport that is not too physically demanding. He is proud of the team members he has, but boys wanting to play tennis are encouraged to give the sport a shot.