Key Club UNICEF project raises money for Ukraine

Key Club officers, from left, are: Elizabeth Ryan, Kira Pelton , Emma Powell, and Isaac Owens

Cara Turner, Staff Writer

Key Club recently chose to do a UNICEF fundraiser to raise money for the children in Ukraine by selling bracelets, keychains, and stickers, as well as providing a QR code for anyone to donate to. Key Club raised $2,555.40 that will all go to those in Ukraine. UNICEF stands for “United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund.”

Mrs. Borden, the Key Club advisor, gave us more information on the topic, below:

Q: Why was this fundraiser chosen? 

Mrs. Borden: “UNICEF has always been a select organization for Key Club and fundraising. In past years Key Club has raised money and participated in Trick or Treat for UNICEF. After students had interest in helping I started brainstorming and I knew UNICEF was a trusted organization that would be a great starting point.

“The fundraiser actually came to fruition because of a few students ideas. One student mentioned that they felt like we needed to do something for the Ukraine, since the musical was about Russia. They didn’t want us to come across insensitive here at CAJSH. Also, two junior high students reached out to Mrs. Prestash about doing a collection drive. She pointed those students to Key Club.  The officers and a core group discussed selling a variety of items. We wanted to stick to yellow and blue because they were the colors for the Ukraine flag. The sunflower was selected because it is the unofficial national flower of the Ukraine.”

Q: What is the purpose of this fundraiser?

Mrs. Borden: “The purpose of the fundraiser was to raise funds for UNICEF specifically benefitting the children of Ukraine.”

Q: Who is being impacted by the funds?

Mrs. Borden: “All proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the children of Ukraine. I also hope that this project has indirectly impacted our students. One small act of kindness goes a long way, and in this case that means across the globe.”

Q: Where will the money that has been raised be sent?

Mrs. Borden: “All of the money raised has been sent to UNICEF. Key Club has an online donation page via the UNICEF website. You can visit it  at this link. The merchandise sold here at school and any donations received has been applied to this online fund-raising page.”

Q: How is a project like this on a global scale beneficial for our students?

Mrs. Borden: “Service work is something that brings people and students together. Regardless of where you stand on issues, helping others is what truly bridges those gaps and makes the world a better place. It is my hope that one small act of generosity exhibited through this project encourages our students here at CHS to continue passing that generosity and kindness on.”

Q: Do you have anything else to add?

Mrs. Borden: “Key Club would love to extend this opportunity as an invitation to all students to become a world changer through volunteer work and community service. We are always looking for new members. Students in grades 9-12 are encouraged to join us next year as we make CHS, Clearfield, and the world a better place.”