Abigail Boyles shares her take on art

Tracy Zhu, Staff Writer

Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School is a school full of various people, many of whom are artists. Our art department holds artists that specialize in many fields: painting, sculpting, drawing, crafting, etc.. Here, artists have a chance to exercise their skills in different opportunities. You can even find their works displayed all around the school.

One artist, Abigail Boyles, a senior, just transferred to our school. “There are a lot more classes than my old school, and it’s nice to not wear a uniform all the time,” she expresses. Abigail goes to Votech for Digital Media Arts, and she has a lot of prior experience in the art field. “I have been to Brockway Center for Arts and Technology…I’ve made jewelry and different ceramic pieces there; some of them even made it into a show in Pittsburgh.”

Out of the various art mediums, Abigail’s favorite is digital art. “I have so much ability. I can do so many different things, and I can just undo it…If it was a painting, I would have to redo the whole thing.” She got into digital art after looking at other artists’ works online. “I was like, ‘Wow, that drawing looks so smooth and clean. How did they do that?’…I got my first drawing tablet in seventh grade, and that is where it started.”

After doing art for so long, Abigail is certain that it has changed her life. “It’s been something a part of my life ever since I was a kid, and I can now make money from doing that, which is insane. That’s pretty crazy.”

For Abigail, art is “…a way to express how you see something: how you see the world. It is your perception of different things, and you can create literally whatever you want. It doesn’t matter if you use a fancy computer or a crayon and a paper, you can still create something out of nothing.”

Abigail has made so many art pieces throughout her life, but her current favorite is a digital painting she made last year. “I made an album cover that I really enjoy called Salad Days by Mac Demarco, and I did it all on my computer with a drawing tablet.” You can find some of her other works @_.stardazed._ on Instagram or Abigail Boyles on Facebook.