Clearfield Welcomes New Physics Teacher Miss McKillop


Samantha Campolong, Staff Writer

This school year the science department has welcomed a new teacher, Miss. McKillop. She graduated high school from Dubois Central Catholic and is originally from Sprankle Mills, Pennsylvania. She graduated college from IUP where she majored in physics and physics education secondarily. Prior to working at Clearfield, she taught at Dubois Central Catholic.

When asked what she has enjoyed so far about teaching at CAJSHS she responded saying she just enjoys physics and teaching. On the other hand, when asked about her greatest challen3xge at Clearfield was thus far, Miss. McKillop admitted learning names has been her most difficult task.

Miss. McKillop also explained why she wanted to become a teacher. “I didn’t want to get a PhD in physics,” she said, “so teaching allows me to pursue physics in a different realm.”

In her free time, she enjoys baking and reading. At the moment, she is also doing editing for a book. As for what inspires her, McKillop explained, “I hope that I can help other people like science as much as I did in high school and how I do now. Women in STEM is supposed to be an important thing and there aren’t a lot of people that pursue science as a higher education goal outside of people who want to get a PhD.”