Characters of Clearfield: Mrs. Bookhamer Impacts Student Positively


Rylee C. Ogden, Staff Writer

It is no secret that teachers play a momentous role in students’ day-to-day life. In some way or another, every teacher has had an impact on students of the Clearfield Area Jr.-Sr. High school. In this article, we will take a look at one of the most significant ones; her name is Mrs. Bookhamer, a statistics teacher.  

This is Mrs. Bookhamer’s 26th year of teaching at Clearfield Area Jr.-Sr. Highschool. She is arguably one of the most impactful teachers. When asked what her favorite aspect of her job she explained that teaching and learning with her students is her favorite. In contrast, her least favorite aspect is the paperwork. She stated, “My love of teaching came from my love of Mathematics. It was so interesting to me to see how math works and how it is its own language. I wanted to share my love of it.”  Interestingly enough, she did not always want to become a teacher. Mrs. Bookhamer explained, “I was 32 years old when I went back to school to be a teacher. I am so glad I did it!” 

While most students know about her as a teacher, do they really know her as a person? She relayed what she enjoys in her free time, “I love to learn! I listen to podcasts about neuroscience and how the brain works and learns. I also love to travel. I have been to 38 states, including Hawaii, and about ten different countries.” Mrs. Bookhamer also explained that one thing that students do not know about her is that she is a Certified Lay Pastor in the Presbyterian church. She preaches about two Sundays a month at different Presbyterian churches in the area.  

Mrs. Bookhamer is inspired and inspiring. When asked what her motivation through life was, she said, “My goal in life is to make a corner of the world a better place. Life can be difficult and the more positive vibes I can spread the better.” Students can feel her positivity. One student commented: “She is my all-time favorite teacher, she is many of ours. You could be having the worst day at school and her class would make it ten times better. She makes it fun to learn.” 

Mrs. Bookhamer wanted to leave readers with a lasting notion. “You have special gifts and talents that no one else has. There is something you can do that no one else can do. When you discover it and use it, you enhance others around you.” She wanted our readers to know that their gifts and talents can positively impact their corner of the world. In this segment of characters of Clearfield, readers get to meet an impactful teacher, Mrs. Bookhamer.