Steelers make the QB switch from Trubisky to Pickett

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Braylon Obleman, Staff Writer

The 20th overall pick in the NFL draft, Kenny Pickett, made his debut for the Steelers on Sunday! This was following yet another disappointing performance by previous starter, Mitch Trubisky. Pickett did not solve all the team’s problems however, as they fell to the Jets in the final seconds of the fourth quarter. The Steelers fell to 1-3. Despite the three interceptions, Pitt University product Kenny Pickett looked promising in his debut. This may be one step in the right direction for the Steelers, but what else can they do to pull it together?

The Steelers defense has been a glaring hole ignoring the week one victory against the AFC champion Bengals. In week two, the Steelers fell to the mediocre offense of Mac Jones’ Patriots, who still are yet to win a game not against the Steelers. The defense was clearly hurt by loss of superstar and last years defensive player of the year, TJ Watt. The struggle would not stop here however, as this was the best performance they would get of the defense from then on. In week three, the defense was absolutely torched by Nick Chubb and the Cleveland Browns, allowing over 170 yards on the ground. This loss is made even worse by the fact the Steelers lost to the Browns backup quarterback, Jacoby Brissett on a Thursday Night Primetime matchup. As previously stated, the Steelers defense failed to get the game winning stop against the New York Jets.

The defense has not been the only problem… as the offense has been somewhat invisible too. Starting quarterback Mitch Trubisky threw just two TDs in the first 3.5 games before finally being replaced by the rookie. Second year running back and former 24th overall pick, Najee Harris has also failed to get anything going, while this is more to blame on the poor offensive line… it is still worth noting.

So, with the Steelers sitting at 1-3, losing the last three… There is no simple solution to fixing the problems, unless TJ Watt can magically heal, or Kenny Pickett really is the answer, the Steelers will continue to struggle.