Athlete of the Month: Isaac Samsel


Isaac Samsel in football action

Mitchell Rowles

Recently I got to catch up with local Clearfield High School football star and captain Isaac Samsel about the current season. He had plenty of informative and positive things to say about this season. When questioned what his favorite part of the current season was, Samsel said, “I love the energy surrounding our team as we have been seen as the underdogs in most of our games.” He believes this season has been one of his favorites of the last three years playing the guys he has grown up with. Samsel states, “I believe the team thrives on winning and proving people wrong in what we can do.”

When asked if he enjoyed his current position and role on the team he said, “I would not switch positions, what we have going on right now is working and we are winning where I am at.” Some of Isaacs current stats so far include 3 sacks, 18 tackles, and 4 pancakes. The team is 5-1 at the moment with the most points scored in the mountain league at 194 points. When questioned about his hardest game this season, he responded, “The hardest game for me was this year’s game against Huntingdon, because I was coming off of a sickness and I had sat out the whole second half due to a hamstring injury.” I questioned him as to how he overcomes struggle, and he had a very inspirational response. He states, “Overcoming struggle is simple. Just have to power through it, move on, and get back to the success that was had previously.”

The nine-year football veteran claimed that his favorite part of the game is the constant contact. He followed up with the menacing statement that, “hitting someone every play is fun to me.” He believes that there are many people involved in their winning process. Here’s what he had to say about them. “There are so many people that help the team in a lot of ways. Our coaches are phenomenal with what they do every week. Our fans bring such great energy to the games. The parents of our players do a great job helping us out. Our physical trainer, Sam Morgan, is amazing in every way for our team and players.” With all of the action going on, make sure to attend your local Bison football game. Go Bison!