Clearfield vs. St. Mary’s


The seniors on the Lady Bisons team

Lindsey Kerlin, Writer

The Clearfield Girls tennis team recently partook in Teams districts against Saint Mary’s on Wednesday, October 6th. Team’s districts is a tournament filled with the top teams in a certain district, for example, the bracket this year consisted of teams from Punxsutawney, Saint Mary’s, Elk County Catholic, and Clearfield. The general routine for one of these tournaments is that there are three singles, and two doubles matches. St. Mary’s was always one of the most competitive schools within our district but this year the girls pulled out a couple of wins. Last month, the ladies faced off against Saint Mary’s and only pulled out one win against Mya Klaiber, the number one player on the St. Mary’s team, but October 6th,  proved to be different.

Seniors Lindsey Kerlin and Peyton Reese won their singles matches against Klaiber and Blessel, while Sarah Catherman had a tough match against Saint Mary’s number three player. It eventually came down to the last doubles matches. Doubles one consisted of the players Chloe Rowles and junior Katelyn Olson. Both teams fought hard but fell through allowing Saint Mary’s to match Clearfield’s points, 2 to 2. The pressure was high when the second doubles match began to play.

Freshman Hailey Miles and Maddy Johnston earnestly challenged St. Mary’s second doubles team, proving just how good the Lady Bisons can be. Doubles matches tend to only be a set of 8 games but in tournaments such as these, the match consisted of two sets of six. The match proved to be demanding as the players on both sides were evenly matched in skill but as hard as the girls fought, Saint Mary’s got the upper hand and slid away with a victory. Saint Mary’s will continue to move on through tournament facing off against the victor of the bottom half of the bracket, Elk County Catholic vs. Punxsutawney.