Journalism Students Take a New Approach to Writing “The Stampede”

Nick Vaow, Staff Writer

The introduction of a new teacher of the Journalism class is not the only change the students are experiencing this year. Students, under Ms. Rishell’s guidance, are splitting into different committees to bring you new and more productive content every month. Each committee oversees a different aspect of the monthly edition of The Stampede as well as having separate priorities to help the class run a little more smoothly.

The editors of the Journalism class are Rylee Ogden and Mitchell Rowles. They are in charge of running pitch meetings, and also have the final say of what goes into the monthly editions of The Stampede.

The Public Relations Committee creates and runs The Stampede’s Instagram as well as spreading opportunities for greater access to the stories. They are also in charge of the community outreach and interviews. These members include Gavin Lukens, Anna Twigg, Tracy Zhu, Renee Barr, Arika Jones, Jaycee Wood, Samantha Campolong, Addy Ruiz, and Lindsey Kerlin.

The Field Reporters are in charge of live video interviews and attending special events to report upon. The Field Reporters include Braylon Obleman, Nick Vaow, Alayna Winters, Kira Knox, Cayleigh Walker, Jacob Samsel, and Grace Natoli.

The Friday Announcement Team will be putting together the week’s top stories on video in the STEM lab to be played on Friday mornings. The team includes Rylee Charles, Rylee Ogden, Olivia Rowles, and Mitchell Rowles.

Lastly, the Health & Wellness Committee are in charge of inner functions and events within the class to keep the writers motivated and inspired. This committee includes Emily McCracken, Cole Bloom, Lucy Billotte, and Brooke Wright.

The Stampede writers and contributors are excited to serve in our new positions and excited to bring new content to our readers every month.