Tips for Staying Motivated


Kira Knox

Motivation is the desire of someone wanting to do something. It is a matter that does not seem to stay consistent for a lot of people, making it something that always needs to be worked on. Motivation is a constant cycle of being super motivated to losing the drive to work for your goals. It is okay to not feel motivated at times, but there are many tactics that can help you in your daily life. These tactics can be used when you feel that you are losing motivation.

To begin, when you want to continue being motivated, you have to ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. “What is the purpose of this?” This will help you stay focused on what you are working for and will further keep you motivated to achieve what you want to achieve. For example, say you are losing motivation to want to do your school work for an advanced class. Ask yourself why you are taking that advanced class. Maybe it is because you want to get into a college that is difficult to get into. Keep that in mind next time you are in that class. Remind yourself of your “why” to continue to push for what you want!

Another way to stay motivated is to set a nice realistic goal and break it down into smaller goals to make it less intimidating and more likely for you to reach that goal. This tactic works for competitive people who are always looking to complete a new task. If your grades are getting low in a class you are taking because of the lack of motivation to complete your assignments, try setting a goal for that class. Maybe your ultimate goal is having an A in the class for the year. You would break it down into getting an A for that quarter. By finding the purpose behind your goals, it will ensure an increase in your motivation. Motivation will seem to be more consistent when you keep these tips in mind.