Evan Forcey Accepted into Symphonies


Anna Twigg

Since Evan heard of auditions for the symphonies, he has been preparing. He dedicated multiple hours every day to practicing the measures of music he would be auditioning with. He also looked to his private violin teacher for guidance regarding technique and tone.

Although Evan later prepared with specific pieces of music, he has really been training for this his entire life. Evan began playing the violin in 3rd grade when he was eight years old, where he switched between playing Violin I and violin II. Although he was always involved in music, Evan did not start composing until around 10 years old. He discovered a program called “Note Flight” that helped guide him in his early stages of music composition.

Evan states, “The moment I had found out about my acceptance to these symphonies, I was packing up and getting ready to return to Clearfield from this past Friday Football game.  I was on the bus when my I got a call from my mother who was in tears explaining how I had been accepted.  It was hard to contain the amount of excitement I was filled with, so much that I ran off the bus immediately to tell Mr. Mandell of my accomplishment.  When I had returned to my bus I was welcomed with a wonderful applause from the entire bus and my many friends who had supported me through everything.”

Evan feels that he can credit a lot of his accomplishment to the Clearfield Music Program. The people in the program have influenced him by giving him pointers that he can apply to his musicality. He is also grateful for the numerous opportunities our school can provide that other schools may not offer.

Evan was chosen out of thousands of other musicians for this opportunity. Although an exact number was not mentioned, previous years have recorded around 10,000 musicians auditioning with only 500 being accepted from all over the world.

The first symphony that Evan will be performing for is at Carnegie Hall in February 2023 in New York City. The other symphony he will be performing in is Australia’s Sydney Opera House, sometime towards the end of July 2023.