Clearfield Volleyball Program Paints Faces at Fall Festival to Raise Money


Sam Campolong, Staff Writer

On October 8th, the Clearfield Revitalization Corporation presented a Fall Festival and Pumkin Run 5k located in Downtown Clearfield. There were vendors, food, and entertainment. One source of entertainment included the Clearfield Volleyball Team trying to make money for the 2022 season.

At the festival, players volunteered to paint faces as well as sell raffle tickets and baked goods to contribute to the season. They spent the day in front of Rite Aid. “There were a lot of kids excited to get their face painted by the volleyball players,” Addy Ruiz, a member of the volleyball team, states. “At first we were using stencils and it was really hard to do because the paint kept leaking under it,” player Olivia Rowles adds. “Eventually, we started doing some kid’s full faces and then everybody’s full faces. Most kids wanted to be animals.”

There was enough help to paint faces with junior high, junior varsity, and varsity players all being there. Head Coach Sandy Bailor and assistant Coach Kelly Kaskan organized the volleyball stand. Through the coolness of the fall wind, the players stuck around for about 6 hours painting faces. Overall, they ended up raising approximately $450.00 for Clearfield Volleyball funds.