Coach Janoko’s 2022 Football Season


Coach Janoko celebrating his 300th career win for Clearfield Bison Football.

Jacob Samsel

Timothy Janoko has been an outstanding coach for the Clearfield Bison for the past several years. He has led them to many MAC championships, winning seasons, and even far into state championships.

He left off at 299 wins from his previous season after the loss in states. But, Janoko has just recently achieved his 300th career win this season.  As you’ll see, Janoko was very happy to accomplish this. “A sense of relief. Everyone knew what was going on and I didn’t want it to take away the focus from our team.” Many people have influenced him to get this far in his long-lasting career. “My family, the coaches and all the players that I have coached,” he adds.  These people have led him to thrive for the past 47 years.

There has been many rumors going around the Clearfield Area School District that he may retire after this season since he has reached his 300th win. His plans for after this season could be surprising for some people. “Right now …get ready to start the weight room.” There have definitely been a few key players this year to make the team better. Maybe some that have even surprised Janoko. “Yes, several players have stepped up and filled roles.” Players and teams like this make Janoko excited for football.

Janoko does not just coach because it is something he is good at, he does it because coaching is an important part of his life that he enjoys. “I really enjoy teaching and watching players learn and develop. Not only as players, but as young men.” Like any other coach, Janoko is very serious when it comes to practicing and game day. The team has fun, but he is always pushing for improvements whether it is the little things or something big. “I played sports my whole life, so I think it was inevitable that I became a teacher and a coach. I later became a counselor and an administrator.” Janoko has been around football since he was a little kid, so it is not a surprise that he came to coaching after his college days.

Lots of moments have happened throughout Janoko’s coaching career. To him, this one certain time in his life stuck out the most. “Playing at football at Penn State for Coach Paterno was life changing.” Having good moments can leave a positive impact on someone. And it seems like this made Janoko enjoy coaching a lot more. “Watching so many kids develop into good people has been the best” he says.

One thing Janoko would like to leave the audience is, “I have been very blessed, and it is extremely important to have faith in your life.”