Will Domico’s Shoulder Injury


Will Domico celebrating

Cole Bloom

For a football team, the quarterback is one of the most important players, crucial to the success of a team. For the Clearfield Bison, junior Will Domico fills the position of quarterback. With a promising start to the season, Domico and the Bison set a record of 4-1. Sadly, during week Six, Domico suffered a shoulder injury when playing against the Huntington Bearcats. This injury would greatly affect the team, as they prepared for the game against Tyrone without their quarterback.

After interviewing Will about his injury, he left me with some detailed information. Will states, “I tried to block a player and got hit hard, landing on my shoulder very weirdly. I had a deep bone bruise on my collarbone and sprained by AC joint.” To recover from this injury, Will wasn’t allowed to practice or play for a week, and the week in question was against Tyrone, the biggest game of the year.

Will suffered this injury at the worst time of the season, right as the biggest game of the year was approaching. By missing a whole week of practice, and not playing on Friday night, his teammates had a lot of responsibility. Will explained, “We had to run the ball more that usual, and most players had to play different positions.” The Bison fell to the Golden Eagles that night 21-14. Many blame this loss on Will’s absence, but many blame it on being outplayed. Overall, Will’s injury affected the team in many ways, as he is a crucial asset to the team. With Wills appearance in the next game, the Clearfield Bison crushed the Bellefonte Red Raiders 55-16.