Clearfield Drama Club Performs the “Clue” Play



Clue on Stage

Tracy Zhu, Staff Writer

On December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, the CHS Drama Club performed Clue. Clue is based on the 1985 Paramount movie that was inspired by the Hasbro board game Clue. This humorous and mysterious play takes place in an isolated mansion where guests come together for a dinner party. However, the host dies, and everyone becomes a suspect. The murder case is led by Wadsworth, Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, and Colonel Mustard. As time goes on, more people get murdered, and the audience are left to anticipate what happens next.

Here is a short Q&A from some members of Clue:

Q: Which day of the play was your favorite?

Bella Walls (Stage Crew): My favorite day of the play is definitely not Saturday. It’s probably Thursday; it went pretty smooth.”

Ian Gibson (Professor Plum): “Opening day (Thursday) because Friday was eh, and Saturday had health issues.”

Q: How do you think the play went overall?

Bella Walls: “Good! I was really worried the week before the play, but somehow, we pulled it all together and made it all happen.”

Ian Gibson: “Clue went very well. There were times where we had to ad-lib because of conflicts and other issues, but other than that, I think it went well.”

Featured Members:       

Wadsworth – Evan Forcey

Miss Scarlet – Jaycee Wood

Mrs. Peacock – Chloe Mallon

Mrs. White – Mason Marshall

Colonel Mustard – Isaiah Snyder

Professor Plum – Ian Gibson

Mr. Green – Ethan Sorbera


Mr. Boddy – Elizabeth Catherman

Yvette – Peyton Norris

Cook – Peyton Reese

Motorist – Farhan Mahmud

Cop – Sage Hoppe

Police Chief – Ben Mallon

Singing Telegram Girl – Madalinn Mackey

Reporter – Rowan Mattern

FBI Agents – Chloe Beningo & Trenadi Bloom

Shadow Figures/Murderers – Victoria Graham & Brakstyn Luzier


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