Puss In Boots: The Last Wish

Jacob Samsel

The new Puss In Boots just came out in 2022. It was the number one watched movie for quite a while, until it was surpassed by Avatar. Throughout school, I have heard many positive things about it. Yes, it is a Disney movie, but it has lots of action and to be honest, I even enjoyed it a lot at my age.

As of right now, the movie has 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. Rotten Tomatoes is a site that rates movies. The score comes from the reviews that it is given. Having 86% is very high and shows that the movie did very well. Puss In Boots has been around for a while, and this movie has set the bar much higher for it. It begins by Puss in Boots fighting off a rock monster and is then told he has to retire from fighting. This foreshadows that he is going to need to stay back and be careful. And that is exactly what happened. Puss in Boots and his other cat friend, Softpaws, went through a whole bunch of obstacles trying to get to the star that can grant any wish.

After the movie was released, there were a ton of posts on all social media about how good the villain was. His name was Death, and he was set on hunting after Puss in Boots to take his last life, out of the nine that he had. Death loved the smell of fear and was the only character throughout Puss in Boot’s whole life to make him scared. The action that Death put into this movie was outstanding. It added suspense, funny moments, and viral moments too.

All in all, I recommend watching the new Puss In Boots. It has a ton of positive reviews and is filled with action, romance, and comedy.