Parking Lot Palooza


Rylee Charles, Staff Writer

Do you believe that students, specifically seniors, should have designated parking spots in the front? With these spots, they would be able to get out earlier and paint them. These designated spots would leave room for more senior fun. I asked many students on what they think about this. If you are interested in the feedback or hope to persuade one side, keep reading!

Here are some students opinions on the parking lot:

Cole Bloom says, “I think this would be a fun and exiting new way for students to have more fun. This would also leave me without stressing to get to school early in order to get a good parking spot.”

Haley Wilson believes, “I think this would be a good idea. It will be fun for students to do and even for non-drivers, it would be cool to see all the different creative spots.”

Alazay Clark states, “I think that seniors should have their own designated spots to allow creative freedom, and to help with those who are employed for faster transportation.”

Gabrielle Henry supposes, “Even though I currently do not drive, I think this would be a fun way for students to spice up the parking lot and express themselves.”

Alayna Lansberry says, “I think that would be a cool change. I think our school doesn’t make the senior feel special & this would make it more special

Ethan Achmoody states, “Yes. I think that permitting and designating specific parking spaces for each senior would be a great way to organize parking for the senior class. More so, I believe that this idea of creating this space to be your own during your senior year is a nice way to promote fun senior activities. This would also be a thing to which sophomores and juniors can look forward when moving up.

Jada Rose thinks, “That seniors should have their own special spot that they can decorate in whatever way they’d like to because senior year should be fun. The school doesn’t have enough fun things to do for seniors to do, to leave their mark or express themselves.”

In conclusion, all of the students I interviewed, would love to see these changes made to our parking lot for the upcoming school year.