What Teacher Inspired Seniors the Most?

What Teacher Inspired Seniors the Most?

Gavin Lukens

As a senior, knowing the year is wrapping up is a bittersweet moment. We should reflect back on the teachers that have helped us throughout our high school career and shaped us into the people we are today. I have asked several seniors who their favorite teacher was during their high school experience.

Ava Lynch: Mr. Mandell, because I spent all my time down there and he has really shaped me into a very hardworking, dedicated student. He is a very caring person and only wants the best for his students.

Olivia Graham: Mr. Yingling, because he is a very inspiring coach. He always knows how to cheer me up when I have a bad race or a bad day at school. He is a very good teacher and has taught me a lot about writing and to skills to better my writing.

Aiden Graffius: Ms. Fulton, Although she is a substitute teacher, she is a wonderful lady with a good heart. She cares for the students she teaches. She likes to conversate and connect with her students on a school and personal level.

Elle Smith: Mrs. Adams, because she taught me how to be more creative.

Mason Marshall: Mr. Switala, because he told me to always pursue my dream, no matter what that dream was.

Braedon Firanski: Mr. Chelednik, because he shares some passions that I enjoy.