22-23 Field Trip Update


Olivia Rowles, Staff Writer

All of our hard work has paid off and it is almost time for the most fun part of the year: the end. It is now time for the season of field trips, field days, and class outside. As we enter the fourth and final quarter of the 2022-2023 school year, many of the classes get to enjoy field trips.

Both the Junior and the Sophomore class already went on their class trips in the fall. The Juniors enjoyed a day at Niagara Falls while the Sophomores went to Gettysburg. Both trips were held in the spring in years prior,` but were switched to the fall this year. In past years the Junior trip was usually to Gettysburg as well, but was changed to the historic waterfall this year.

The eighth graders also recently attended their annual field trip to the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh. Eighth grader Mia Rowles said that she really enjoyed visiting the planetarium.

As far as upcoming field trips go, the Freshmen will head to the Pittsburgh Zoo on April 13th. The Pittsburgh Zoo is another break in field trip normalcy. The Freshmen are excited to head to this fun, new destination and visit all of the exotic wildlife. I think some of them will feel right at home (haha jk).

The seventh graders will also take their annual trip to a Pittsburgh Pirates game on May 24. This trip is a sort of rite of passage where these students get one of their first tastes of (controlled) freedom.

Our oldest students, the Senior class, will take their class trip to Washington D.C. on May 12. These students will get to visit some of the oldest and most historical buildings in America. For some of these students, this will be one of the final trips they get to take with their friends.

Field trips are a fun part of the end of the year, and I hope all students in this school will enjoy their upcoming trips.