2023 National Honor Society Service Project


Set-up for blood drive.

Cayleigh Walker, Staff Writer

The 2023 National Honor Society service project was a blood drive here at the school. On April 26, 2023, the blood drive took place in the Bison Gym. The National Honor Society leader is 7th/8th grade science teacher Ms. Huff, and she took charge of making sure everything was running well at the blood drive. Sign-ups were open to anyone ages 16 and older, and sign ups were held in the cafeteria during lunches for any students or teachers who were interested in donating.

The Community Blood Bank came in to run the blood drive. They brought in several nurses who did various jobs throughout the day. One nurse checked you into the system. Some of the nurses tested your iron and blood pressure to make sure that you were eligible to give blood to the bank. Other nurses carved out the blood donation with the students. After being checked into the system, the students giving blood had to fill out a survey about themselves, then they went back to check iron levels and blood pressure.

The blood drive was very successful both for the National Honor Society and the Community Blood Bank. Many students and teachers came out to help support the blood drive which is helping an amazing cause. Students who donated blood received a $5.00 gift card for their generous donation.

There will be more opportunities in the future of students to donate blood to the Community Blood Bank!