Coping with the new normal

The writer and his mask.

The writer and his mask.

Braylon Obleman, Staff Writer

With COVID-19 sweeping the country since last March, we now are required to wear masks at school. Although I do understand people’s problems with them, there are many reasons why they are very important. The most important reason, in my opinion, is protecting our older teachers and staff.

Numbers have shown that seniors are more likely to experience death from the virus. Even though the chance is still low, it is not one worth taking. There are many older teachers in our school that even if they didn’t experience death, could have detrimental damage done to them.

As a student, I do find it sometimes to be irritating to wear the mask all day. The mask can make it difficult to breath at some points. The only break we get from the mask is during lunch. It can also be annoying to have to be six feet apart from friends at lunch. It can really be draining to not have a normal day in school like we did before March 11th.

As you can see, I find the mask to be very important. On the other hand, I definitely find mask and social distancing just as annoying as people that don’t believe that masks even help.