It’s Game Day! The Positive Impact of Student Support


Adelyn Ruiz

At sporting events, some enjoy the game, the food, and even the atmosphere, but what is the one thing that stands out above all those? The cheering fans in the student section. Having student support brings so much more to the experience of high school sports. The yelling and cheering from people on the sidelines not only get our student athletes fired up but also allows others that are not involved in that sport to participate. “Hearing the students in the stands being loud and cheering gets the players fired up,” says senior football captain Isaac Samsel.

Indoor sports benefit from student sections as well. “I feel that the student sections and cheering fans positively affect a student athlete because it helps us to get hyped up during a good game, as well as keeping us motivated to play hard,” says sophomore volleyball setter, Hannah Glunt. Fans filling up the gym with their immense support can completely change the environment of a game. “I think that the atmosphere of a game is so different without a student section, and it has been proven during our games. For example, when we were at Huntingdon, they had a huge student section that kept their team fired up and intense the whole time which made them play hard. When we had a student section against Brookville at home, we played one of our best games of the season because of how excited the atmosphere was,” she added.

This year social media has also played a role in the showing support for our athletes. With Facebook and Instagram, the games and theme nights are communicated to more people. Students show their positive support by showing up dressed for theme nights such as Camo Night, Pajama Night, or White Lie Night. It boosts the morale of the athletes to know that fellow students are participating in a common goal: to cheer on the Clearfield Bison and have fun while doing it.

Hearing the crowd during sporting events makes a difference.  It gives the athletes a boost in energy and morale, and they appreciate every student who takes the time to attend.