Art Students Make Scarecrows for Downtown Clearfield


Student made scarecrow named “Gim”

Nick Vaow, Staff Writer

The students in Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Barnett’s art classes recently made scarecrows to decorate downtown Clearfield for the fall season. These scarecrows range from your traditional scarecrow, to ghost’s, to your favorite movie characters, and so much more. You may even see some familiar faces like Ronald McDonald and Jack Skellington.

Students spent the first weeks of school designing, collecting materials, and constructing the scarecrows in preparation for the upcoming autumn season. The students were graded on creativeness, partnership, craftmanship and use of materials. Students will also be graded by the community when they are voted on at the downtown Fall Festival. Volunteers on the Clearfield community assisted in transporting the scarecrows from the school as well as hanging them up on lampposts and street signs surrounding downtown Clearfield.

The Clearfield Revitalization Corporation has been working with the Clearfield High School’s art wing to make these seasonal scarecrows for the past multiple years. The scarecrows spread seasonal joy as well as giving downtown an extra hint of character for the autumn season.

The upcoming fall festival to be held on October 8th will feature a booth for the Clearfield Revitalization Corp. Where you can vote for your favorite scarecrow. The scarecrows are also featured on the CRC’s Facebook page where you can look for your favorite.

Make sure to make a trip downtown and say hello to our new friends and give them some company as well as congratulating the Clearfield art students for the hard work and dedication to making our town feel a bit livelier.