Pop Culture is a blast from the past


Kaitlyn McBride

Mr. Pallo shows students items of the past.

Lennon Miller, Staff Writer

An interesting class at Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School is Pop Culture. Pop Culture is taught by Mr. Pallo in the history wing of the school. Mr. Pallo has been teaching the course for at least five years now. According to Mr. Pallo, Pop Culture is a very open course, it explores the outstanding foods, fashions, fads, and people in our history. Pop Culture can also be dual enrolled by students who take it.

When asked why students should take Pop Culture, Mr. Pallo responded saying that it can be one of the easiest yet most enjoyable history classes a student can take. He went on to state, “If used as directed, students may experience ‘total consciousness’ and this level of learning may not be commonly found in other subject material. Need to note, however, certain side effects may include: an appreciation of when particular foods, fashions and fads were introduced, along with Famous Firsts as they pertain to American Culture.”

Pop Culture is not only an interesting and enjoyable class, but also offers many skills for students. Mr. Pallo continued, “Besides Thinking, Reading and Writing every day, student’s will be encouraged to develop their Jedi mind tricks, Peruse the Pervasiveness of POP CULTURE, Perceive the Power of Nostalgia, Contemplate the Mass Appeal of Faddishness, and Explore the Space of Leisure Time.” He later discussed how Pop Culture is different than just any other average history or social study class. It involves learning history through a different method than any other history class.

The most challenging part of Pop Culture is for students to think for themselves, explains Mr. Pallo. He also described how much students enjoy Pop Culture parties. These parties explore foods and fads from the decades past, which ensure a good time.

A student, Kaitlyn McBride touched on how enjoyable the class is by stating, “The class is very enjoyable. It offers a unique teaching style not done by any other classes.” She continued by explaining how the class was very calm and easy to keep up with, but also very interesting. Kaitlyn also mentioned how enthusiastic and entertaining Mr. Pallo is when teaching the class. She concluded by encouraging students to take the class for an exciting history option. Overall, Pop Culture is greatly beneficial course for students to take.