Fires in Australia continue to devastate the area

Firefighter attempts to battle the flames in Australia. Source:

Summer Wynn, Staff Writer

On the other side of the globe, millions of people and animals have become the victims of a life-threatening epidemic. The fires that are raging throughout Australia are found destroying acres upon acres of forests and disrupting the lives of countless people and native species in that area. The outcome and resolution of these fires is still uncertain, but many people are making predictions as to how the fires will affect the species of animals that live there as well as the citizens of the country.

The fires were first reported to start in September of 2019 during Australia’s yearly fire season, but they continued to spread and grow into 2020 due to the abnormal drought that had occurred as the season came around. This drought caused the fires to grow at an extreme rate and ultimately made the season intensify and cause the fires that are ravaging the wilderness as we speak.

The severity of these fires is nothing like what anyone has seen before. There are many different thoughts as to why the fires may be spreading as much as they are currently. Personally, I believe that the fires are specifically interesting in terms of the actual spread of them.

According to the New York Times Jan. 2020 edition, the forest fires are nothing like the world has ever seen before. What sets these fires apart from the other wildfires that are usually present within Australia around this time of year is that they are occurring more within populated areas rather than just in the forests. In years past, the fires have been easily contained within just the woodland regions of the continent, but now with the increase in hostility, fire departments are having a difficult time protecting the public from the vicious amount of destruction that is being created.

Australians are not the only ones that are being affected by the fires. Many American firefighters have gone to Australia to aid in battling the fires. During the raging California wildfires, firefighters from both Australia and New Zealand came to help try to put the fires out. America is returning the favor in helping Australia with their epidemic like they had helped America in the past. Through America helping to put the fires out, some have lost their lives. According to a story published on Fox News on Feb. 5, 2020, three Americans lost their lives as they were flying above the fires trying to put them out. The plane that they were on crashed, killing all three of the individuals. Their actions and devotion for the cause have been recognized across the country and they have been honored at a few military ceremonies for their contribution and remembrance.

Overall, the Australian fires have taken a turn for the worst. After more than three months of destruction, they have yet to be contained. Efforts are still being taken in order to stop the fires, but they seem to be moving faster than they can be put out. I believe that with the right amount of effort and devotion, the fires can be contained and the lives of millions can be restored back to normal. My thoughts go out to all of those who were affected by the devastation.