Why you should join a sport


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The girls Varsity soccer winning the District 9 title for year 2020

Alayna Lansberry

Sports are known as a good way to stay healthy and in shape. They play an import role in students’ life and teaches them discipline, responsibility, accountability, and teamwork. According to the team at the University of Rochester, “The reason most students do not play sports is because they feel lazy about it and don’t have the energy for it. However, the belief that the intense exercise of playing sports will leave you exhausted has been proven wrong by research. Because exercise pumps more oxygen through your blood and makes your entire system more active, the benefits of playing sports actually include giving you more energy to accomplish everything else you need to do to manage your busy college schedule.”

“First, sports can improve body’s health. This is because every time sweat go out from our body. That will make our body become more active and healthier. Playing sports adds muscle advancement, coordination, cardiovascular wellbeing and various advantages related with sickness counteractive action; physical movement can reduce illnesses including cardiovascular malady, diabetes, disease, hypertension, heftiness, depression and osteoporosis,” according to Ball Salem.

The University of Rochester article says sport has some serious benefits, such as it helps you perform better in school, relax more, work better with individuals, and it helps increase your energy, which all helps you balance school and other things going on in your life. It helps release stress and reduces your anxiety. If you have a bad time at home and need to get away from it, sports will take your mind off things that are stressing you out. It will get you into a better mindset. Coaches and people will see potential in you and will make you feel better about yourself. Bettering yourself is important in your high school career. It teaches you that people care about you and won’t led into bad things that might screw up your life and addiction. Sports give you a chance to turn your life around when you want to.

Sports help you with time management. An article from the Marine Military Academy explain: “Sports require time and commitment, but most players usually perform better in school and are more likely to be involved in clubs or community service. How is this possible? Playing a sport requires teenagers to develop two important skills: focus and time management. Focus and time management are crucial traits in people who get things done and accomplish their short and long-term goals.”

Sports teaches commitment. “The ability to commit to something is fundamental to success in every aspect of life, whether sports, school, career, or relationships,” reported by a professor at University of San Francisco. To commit is something important for teenagers to learn because when you are older, commitment is in a lot of things. It can determine what your life it like when you are an adult and making big decisions.

It improves student’s communication skills by communicating your thoughts or what to do it order to be successful in the game. Students can take out of sports and apply it to school and their job by asking questions or talking about how they feel about situation. Letting people know their thoughts which will better themselves in life. Or even say no to things that might lead to a bad decision because of the thought of getting caught by your coach or if you had a game that you wouldn’t play the best and could screw up the whole game.