COVID: The least of Americans’ worries?



Simon Quigley, Staff Writer

COVID: The least of Americas worries.

Obviously COVID has been the main point of emphasis since it became a worldwide pandemic several months back. Therefore, you would think people would take it seriously, right? Wrong for some reason Americans cannot see the importance of doing the little simple things to help prevent the widespread of the virus. I understand it’s extremely hard to wash your hands, wear a mask when around other people, and occasionally put hand sanitizer on. Trust me these things may seem impossible at times, but it’s the little things that go a long way to keeping the virus contained.

When going to the store or a place that a lot of people go you would think people could do such simple things. Wrong, countless times you can see people in public places not wearing a mask. Although wearing a mask for a maximum of an hour at Walmart is an unreasonable thing to do, it is important considering the, you know NATIONAL PANDEMIC that everyone is worried about.

Americans want to live their “everyday lives” and that seems to be the main reason for not doing the little things like social distancing and wearing a mask. But it’s time to wake up and start doing these things. If you want to do the things that are you could do before the pandemic just wear the mask, avoid large gatherings, and social distance. There is a reason when you turn your TV on COVID is always on the news or in commercials. It’s a serious topic that shouldn’t be being taken so lightly and it’s about time certain people treat it that way.