Why You Should Take AP Classes


Seth Visnofsky, Staff Writer

After surviving four whole years of high school AP classes, I can proudly say that I would take these classes again in a heartbeat and cannot recommend these classes to underclassmen enough. Many will say that taking these AP classes are horribly difficult, and that they do not have to time to do all the work related to these classes, this is generally far from the truth. AP classes are not all about more work but are actually about more discussions and a deeper understanding or the material being taught.

Instead of just learning information, doing work, then regurgitating said information, in an AP class you can dive deeper into what you are learning about actually means. Through class discussions, and supplement materials the instructors of these courses can easily guide the students to a better understanding of the material and how they can use it in their everyday life.

For those who believe that the workload of many AP classes is too high, I’d challenge you to take an AP class, because I know many different people who play multiple sports and can still handle the workload of these AP classes. For my own experience I have taken multiple AP classes at once and never did I feel like I was drowning in work. While yes, these classes are more difficult, they are not overly difficult as the rumor mill generally describes them as.

Another reason AP classes are worth taking is that they generally are dual enrollable, which is one of the ways to save money if you plan on going to college. By taking these classes you can gain college credits for much less money than you would pay for at an in-person university. Not only are these classes cheaper than those at a college but you will most likely have a much smaller class in our school than what you could have while you are in college, which makes it easier to get a good relationship with your instructor, making it easier and more enjoyable to learn.

Finally, there is a satisfaction that comes with taking an AP class. Every time I get my report card, I get a sense of satisfaction because I know that my hard work has paid off. So, all in all, these AP classes not only are worth it to take, but they can actually help you in the long run by making you ready for your career and by getting you college credits which will save you money in the long run.