How the NBA is struggling to contain COVID-19 during the start of the season

Simon Quigley, Staff Writer

The NBA is just about 2 weeks into the new season and they are already experiencing troubles with players testing positive with the COVID-19 virus. It has already gotten to the point that they are considering a 7-14 day suspension of all games to try to get it under control and I think that they should do that considering two teams have had to cancel or postpone a week of games.

Also, the different trade and traveling to games is not helping the situation. With the constant movement around the league it only takes one player testing positive from putting a pause to the season and possibly forcing an end to it. Players tend to travel to back-to-back games and compete in different cities like LA and New York, which have rising COVID numbers and only puts more people at risk.

What I think the NBA should do is look towards postponing the season temporarily and after the 14 days they should try to keep the games to certain cities so there is less of a risk of testing positive.

Also, I think it comes down to the players really following the protocols they were given, which is to wear a mask everywhere they go and keep hangouts below 6 people. Furthermore, keeping no fans at the games is probably the best option just to contain the virus from spreading throughout the le