Technology classes offer a creative twist


Mr Pistner, woodshop teacher, sitting at his desk.

Kinser Mayhew, Staff Writer

Art classes are classes that students take to express their creativity. Our school has a wide variety of different art classes that are available to students, with the majority of them being on the second floor. However, there is one group of classes that aren’t art classes but allow you to express that creativity all the same. The drafting and technology education wing is a wing of our school that is very out of the way from everything else, almost like a hidden gem. But what does this hidden gem hold that is so valuable?

There are two rooms where this value is explored. There is the room full of technology, which is where Mr. Lytle teaches the different Autodesk programs. The other room, full of wood cutting tools and machines, is where Mr. Pistner instructs students on how to use the machinery to turn a block of wood into something much more. While these may just be individual rooms, they are full of a nearly infinite amount of possibilities.

The creativity that the classes allow for is astounding. A student can’t only express themselves creatively but a student can also use this creativity to construct something from scratch. Every bit of work is done in class as the work done in these classes is typically one thing at a time. This creates a comfortable environment for a student. As a result, these classes work well for any student who likes to be hands-on, work at their own pace, and have a little bit of a challenge as stated by both Mr. Pistner and Mr. Lytle.

The classes that are taught in these rooms are greatly beneficial to many students. As stated by Mr. Pistner, woodshop teacher, the classes in the technology education wing allow students to apply the knowledge they’ve gained in other classes. “I truly think we have something here for everyone” as stated by him. The classes also give students to chance to explore real-world concepts that otherwise wouldn’t be available in high school according to Mr. Lytle, technology teacher.

These classes can greatly benefit anyone looking for a career as well. There is great demand for individuals in the fabrication and woodworking fields. As beautifully said by Mr. Lytle, careers in the fabrication world allow a person to create and build the world around them. A significant benefit of careers in this field is that a student could be making over 60k a year within the first 3-5 years of working. There are some steps however, that can help expedite the process a bit further. There is a class available through Mr. Lytle that allows students to earn a certification in AutoCad. “This certification allows students to gain the ability to never flip a burger or make an ice cream cone again”, a famous quote by Mr. Lytle. The CAD II class allows the student to take a test at the end of the semester, which if the student passes they will receive a certification.

So there was some information on how the classes can benefit the students that take them, but what exactly are the classes?

In Mr. Pistner’s room, he teachers a variety of wood working classes that allow you to create anything from a project he assigns to something more personalized. In Mr. Lytle’s room, there are several classes that are quite diverse from each other. There are the CAD courses which focus on 2-D design, the Inventor courses which focus on 3-D design, and several others which can expand on the knowledge of creating. However, it is recommended by Mr. Pistner that students start off by taking the AutoCAD class.