This year’s Sophomores will go to Gettysburg


A sign welcoming people to Gettysburg.

Elle Smith, Staff Writer

This year, the sophomores at Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School will be going to the Gettysburg National Military Park for their annual class trip. While the juniors will also be attending the park, the two classes are scheduled to go on different dates. The sophomores will be traveling to Gettysburg on April 29.

Mrs. Marshall, the sophomore class supervisor, says, “Students will have the opportunity to explore more than 1,300 monuments, markers, and memorials of the battle.” Some landmarks the students will visit include “a Cyclorama, film and museum; guided tour of the battlefield; a scenic walk to Devil’s Den, Big Round Top and Little Round top.”

The students on the trip will be accompanied by any teachers who wish to chaperone the trip, as well as a tour guide and other staff from the park itself. As for meals, the sophomores will receive their lunch through the school, and they will be buying their own dinner in Mifflintown.

According to Mrs. Marshall, “The battle of Gettysburg was a very influential turning point in the Civil War.” This trip could be a very important opportunity for students to learn more about the history of the United States, and how we can learn from the past as we move forward.