Dollar General Grand Opening


Out front of Clearfield’s newest Dollar General

Jacob Samsel, Staff Writer

Lawrence Township got approval of the land development plan, months ago, for where they finally built the new Dollar General in Hyde. It is located in between Rainbow Car Wash and the railroad tracks.

There has already been a ton of positive and negative things said about this store from customers. Everyone does agree that it is very nice for a Dollar General and that it is nothing like the other ones in Clearfield.

The location is in a decent spot, considering it is on the way to and from the Clearfield Jr/Sr High School. But there has already been complaints about there not being enough employees there to help customers or check them out at the register. Some people have waited 20-30 minutes by the register to pay for their groceries.

Will Domico, a student from Clearfield High School, has recently made a trip to the Dollar General and seems to enjoy lots about it. “I think the new Dollar General is very clean. The floors were polished nicely, and the ceilings were well done” Will claimed.

Everyone calls this store the “Walmart of Hyde.” It was well put together and is in a convenient location for those who need to swing by and grab anything.