Students Win at Foreign Language Day at St. Marys



German Group: From back: Logan Sloppy, Alex Owens, Matt Cowder, Aaron Aycock From Front: Madison Soult, Jasmine Hunter, Lexi Hunter

Chuck Gardner, Staff Writer

Back in March, a group of students from the high school’s German and Spanish classes took an exciting trip to St. Marys High School to participate in a Foreign Language Day to learn about various cultural elements that are not our own here in America. It consisted of competitions ranging from art, to skits, to costumes, and all kinds of fun activities that students could participate and compete in.

Frau Simpson, German teacher, said, “It was a lot of fun, and a great experience to meet other foreign language students and teachers from other schools.  The other schools who participated were St. Marys, Brockway, and Elk County Christian.

Senora Wittie, Spanish teacher, stated, “This was my first year bringing students to Foreign Language Day and it was a wonderful experience. All of our students worked hard and did very well. I’m looking forward to bringing students again next year.”

The list of winners from Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School consisted of:

1st place winners:

Spencer Jeffries and Caleb McGee with an Italian song

Logan Stover, Remington Shugarts, and Jace Kephart with a Spanish Song

Alex Owens, Logan Sloppy, and Matt Cowder with a German video

2nd place winners:

Aaron Aycock with the German National Anthem

Sarah Snyder with a Spanish song

Madison Soult with a German poem

Hannah Rauch and Madison Kipp with Spanish art

3rd place winners:

Alex Coval with a Spanish song

Senora Wittie
Spanish Students:
From Back: Logan Stover, Alex Coval, Jace Kephart, Remington Shugarts, Spencer Jeffries
From Front: Madison Kipp, Hannah Rauch, Sarah Snyder