Audition for the Spring Musical coming soon


Photo from CHS Drama Club Facebook page

Taylor Trinidad, Staff Writer

This month, the Clearfield Drama Department is holding annual auditions for the spring musical, Disney’s Tarzan. This show is a great opportunity for the students of CAJSHS to show off their talents in acting, singing, and dancing and to bring the story of Tarzan to life on the stage.

Auditions will be held December 11 and 12 after school, and audition packets will be available from Mr. Switala. Sign-ups for auditions will be outside of Mr Switala’s room, 150 in the music hall. Mr. Switala says that anybody wishing to participate in stage crew rather than the show can sign up in the beginning of 2019 and anyone wishing to join the pit should talk to Mr. Rothrock.

The dates for the show are April 11-13, 2019, so keep those dates in mind as you sign up for an audition.

According to Mr. Switala, anyone auditioning must read a script excerpt and sing a song of his/her choice. The leads of Tarzan that you can audition for are Tarzan, Jane, Kala (Tarzan’s “mother”), Kerchak (Tarzan’s “father”), Terk, and Porter (Jane’s father). Everyone who auditions gets to be in the show.

If anyone is planning to audition for their very first time, Mr. Switala has some advice, stating, “Students auditioning for the first time should RELAX.  The audition committee is there FOR you – not AGAINST you.  PREPARE to the best of your ability and enter the audition with confidence.  Don’t be timid and shy – own the room – it is YOUR time!  Google audition tips to see how to best prepare.” He also shares what to expect from an audition, stating, “This is an opportunity to share your talents with the audition committee.  Don’t be scared or nervous – become the character!”

Anyone in grades 9-12 can audition, and should take this opportunity to be part of another one of Clearfield’s amazing musicals.