Introducing Queen/King of Hearts Campaign


Queen/King of Hearts Campaign.

Bella Spingola, Staff Writer

Starting in January 2020, 6-12 students at the Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School will commit to running in the Queen/King of Hearts Campaign. This campaign is a community-based fundraising project to benefit the American Heart Association. To run for this event each participant has to be in at least one service club and has had to complete at least 15 hours of community service before the start of January. The final participants of the court will be announced mid-February.

Each participant will hold the duty of not only raising funds but will take on a leadership role to raise awareness of heart healthy habits throughout the month of February. This event will begin the month of January and run through the end of March or beginning of April.

Each month the participants will have a new task to complete. However, the main goal for each runner is to fund-raise as much as possible. There are many ways each participant can do so, for instance, online fundraising, canning, bake sales, etc. All donations are helping the American Heart Association mission of preventing heart disease and stroke.

At the conclusion of this event each participant will earn recognition in some way. All participants will receive a certificate of appreciation and also a letter of recommendation for college or some further form of education. There will also be further recognition for participants who went above and beyond in their fundraising.

All participants who raise a minimum of a $100, will be eligible for a recognition day of celebration along with a picture of the participants posted in the local newspaper. However, each participant who raises $500 or more will earn five community service hours, if $1000 is reached or more the participant will earn 10 community service hours.