Clearfield welcomes a hopeful new tradition for the seniors


Riley Ryen, Staff Writer

This school year, something new was introduced for our seniors. After Mr. Bryan, guidance counselor, met with the senior class to talk about their plans after high school, he started putting something together on a wall outside the guidance office. The wall includes pictures of the seniors who have decided what they want to do beyond high school.

Q: Was this your idea? 

Mr. Bryan: “It was my idea to get it started at Clearfield, but ‘Commitment to Graduate (C2G)’ is an initiative across the country through Jostens. When I started coaching high school sports in Virginia, the school I worked for had this initiative and continues it to this day. The idea to bring it to Clearfield High School started from that familiar sense of community.”

Q: If this was your idea, what made you think to do this? 

Mr. Bryan: “We want to not only celebrate seniors, their accomplishments, and future plans, but also try to motivate the underclassmen. It is important to freshmen to look at that wall and see people who were in their shoes only a few years ago. We want to prioritize the importance of not only graduating but also setting goals to achieve things that make you proud. We want seniors to pursue their passions such as furthering their education, gaining employment, going into the military, or even taking a gap year. We want students to become the best versions of themselves. Overall, we want students to use these four years to find what drives them and who they are.”

Q: Is this the first year this has been done? 

Mr. Bryan:This is only my first year at Clearfield, so I might not be the most accurate here. But, I believe it is the first that the guidance office has done something like this.”

Q: When did you start putting the pictures up? 

Mr. Bryan:To the best of my knowledge, I believe Mrs. Keith and I started putting up the C2G certificates on the wall in mid-November. This was around the time where I started meeting with seniors to talk about future plans, grades, credits, and graduation progress.”

Q: How many seniors are on the wall currently? 

Mr. Bryan: “There are currently 58 seniors on the Commitment to Graduate wall outside of the Guidance office. That’s almost 1/3 (one-third) of the senior class.”

Q: Do you plan to add any more pictures to the wall? 

Mr. Bryan: “Yes, we will definitely be adding more C2G certificates to the wall once seniors finalize their future plans and meet all graduation requirements.”

Q: What is your goal for the wall? 

Mr. Bryan: “Our goal for the wall is to make it a yearly tradition to not only celebrate seniors but also inspire underclassmen. We want to help the entire senior class think about their future and have each senior student up on the wall. At this time, there are more than 180 seniors attending CHS in some capacity.”

Q: How can seniors get their picture on the wall? 

Mr. Bryan: “Seniors can get on the wall by meeting with me in the Guidance Office to discuss their future plans. We talked about needing acceptance letters, proof of getting jobs, documents verifying signing with military, etc. but we will revisit that after this school-year.”