Keystone Exams switching to online format



Rylee C. Ogden, Staff Writer

The state Keystone Exams will take place again this year, however, it will look a little different. The exams will be online. Students will be taking the exam from May 16th through the 27th. There will be three total administered: literature, algebra, and biology.

Will the new online format cause issues? Mr. Scaife, an assistant principal, responded, “​I do think there will be a need for an adaptation of our testing strategies. But at the same time, the information, and data we have received from schools who have been administering the test online for years from across the state, and in our region, show that students typically have a discernable difference between the formats.”

This change in format did not warrant any changes to the rules or time given. The students will be using their own computers. Mr. Scaife explained, “We have partnered with our technology department to ensure that students will be able to use their personal device for the test, and we have developed a plan to ensure that issues such as charging, updates, interruptions, and additional internet access have been fully eliminated.”

Sophomore Class President, Ethan Achmoody, who will be taking the Literature exam, also gave his input on the change. He stated, “I prefer paper tests… I would have to say that I am not excited for this transition.”

While we have yet to see the results in this change, it looks like this new format will stay. Technology is the future, and the change of format for these exams is only the beginning.